What does it mean to have intentional leadership, and how do you leverage your voice and your knowledge at work to level up?

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Leena Mendoza is a thought leader who leads with intention, influence, and impact. She is highly sought out after for her ability to foster and cultivate inspired action. She teaches the importance of character, communication, and connection. She is a keynote speaker for universities, non-profits, and businesses. Her dynamic stage presence inspires others to make a hard pivot towards their goals and achieve their dreams more than they could imagine.  When leading a team with vision, she shares the importance of aligning your purpose, setting goals, strategic planning, and developing collaborative partnerships. She has a successful track record of helping others reach their full potential.

Through education, empowerment and engagement, you will see how Intentional Leadership will have in your transformation and growth. The most important role she holds is being a mom. She believes that being a hero in her home first is where leadership begins.

Leena Mendoza is committed to developing leaders of excellence and integrity by providing the training necessary for personal, professional and purposeful growth.

Leena Mendoza is the Founder of Intentional Leadership.  After 22 years of experience working in non profit, government, private sector, and higher education, she became an entrepreneur motivating thousands of people take charge of their life and live intentionally. Her educational background includes a Masters of Science in Counseling, Bachelors of Science in Health Science and a minor in Gerontology and Criminology. 

Motto: Patience + Sacrifice = Success

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I believe in real stories, in authentic conversations, in deep concepts, and in getting uncomfortable from time to time. Let’s do the hard work, and the deep digging.

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