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Join me as I explore, inspire, and empower women to find their voice, and speak their truth.

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An activist and business strategist, host Jasmine Partida speaks with women leaders about what holds women back, what walls do they consistently see women hit, and what are ways we can come together and breakthrough.

It is past time we come together and tear down those walls, lift each other up, and hold space for each other’s stories.

Join me as I explore, inspire, and empower women to find their voice, and speak their truth.

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Leena Mendoza – Intentional Leadership

What does it mean to have intentional leadership, and how do you leverage your voice and your knowledge at work ...
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Ellie Dote – Becoming Ellie

Ellie Anne Dote shares her story on finding her voice as a transgender woman. Ellie is a dreamer, storyteller, Christian ...
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Chandra Brooks – Powerhouse

Join me as I talk with best selling author, Chandra Brooks about what it means to be a leader in ...
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Based in Sacramento, California, Jasmine Partida is a Brand Strategist, Activist, and Technology Expert, passionate about the empowerment of women and civic leadership. Her professional time has been spent working to advance individuals and companies as they bring their brand and narratives together. Jasmine combines branding and artistry to place individuals and companies far ahead of their competition.

As committed as Jasmine is in the technology field, she is the same in her advocacy. In November of 2016, she joined the Women’s March on Washington. This allowed her to establish outreach and communication for over 300,000 marchers and 450 sister city organizers by originating email strategies and social media campaigns and overseeing 50 state Facebook accounts.

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It is powerful when women speak

Through interviews with powerful women, we will be examining structures that hold us back – at work, at church, at school, at home – and look for ways we can come together, and break through.

I believe in real stories, in authentic conversations, in deep concepts, and in getting uncomfortable from time to time. Let’s do the hard work, and the deep digging.

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